Welcome to Second 2 One

Welcome to Second 2 One. I have been blogging for over 10 years, covering all the Pittsburgh professional Sports teams. While I truly enjoyed writing about mostly the Pirates and the Steelers, I just got burned out. I was looking for more. A few weeks back while driving home, God gave me the “more” that I was looking for.

Second 2 One, named after a Newsboys song, is about the importance and need for God, my journey back to him, and my daily walk with Jesus. Brandon and I will include testimonies, bible verses that inspire, and our trials that are so critical in building our faith.

My return to God means everything to me. It means even more that my two teenagers are making the journey with me. While life is never easy, with all the pitfalls and distractions that come with it, my kids recently reminded me of an important lesson. As long as I put God first, know that I am second to one and walk by faith, nothing is impossible and that ALL things are possible with God.



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