God loves you no matter how big the mess is

Everybody intuitively knows what they should or shouldn’t do. We know if we do the wrong thing that there will be consequences. Conversely, there can also be severe consequences for actions we fail to take as well.

Today at work, the consequences for failing to act were as severe as I’ve ever seen. Our conveyor system for scrap removal had a catastrophic failure. Why? The powers that be failed to install a sensor over a year ago which would have prevented this disaster.

Needless to say, the people who were affected by this huge mess, and had to clean it up, weren’t very happy campers. Those who were responsible just stood around and watched. Not too many were loving those people today.

God, however, loves us no matter how big of a mess we create. He’ll help clean it up if we’ll only call upon him. In God’s eye’s it will be as if it never happened.

God wants to take our problems no matter how big or small. Whether or not they are self-inflicted doesn’t matter, it’s simply because he loves us. He does not want the mess from our sins to weigh us down.

Isaiah 40 : 31

But they that wait for Jehova shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.

God is love, forgiveness, and patience. Don’t ever think your mess or your sins are too big or small for him. After all, God created the universe and all life on this earth by speaking it into existence. He is more than capable of handling anything we lay at his feet.

There’s no reason to carry the weight and misery of messes and mistakes any longer. Give them to God today. Feel the joy and peace as your pressures and burdens are lifted away. Just as we cleaned up the massive mess left for us at work today, God will do the same for you.


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  1. Great story. I completely understand the mess, been there with you and done that!
    It’s all about perspective, how you look at it. GOD places these obstacles in our paths to examine our reactions and FAITH in him.
    Keep it up!


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