There is always a way back to Christ

There is always going to be a way back to Christ. This may not be a long article, but I have not been writing in awhile and knew I needed to get back into it. This article is inspired by 2020. This year has been awfully crazy, and since May, I have been in the worst spirititual pit ever. I have never stopped believing in God, but I kept drifting away and have struggled a lot over the summer. My dad and I built a shed and this spiritual darkness had me feeling lazy at times, like I didn’t want to be out there.

In reality this trap satan had put me in was draining all of my energy. It’s no coincidence this was around the time I drifted from the Bible. It wasn’t a lack of motivation on the shed it was a spiritual problem that I didn’t realize until a little later. It was a spiritual problem bringing me down

A few days ago I started reading the Bible again and have been convicted by the holy spirit. It’s not an overnight process but I believe I’ll get out of this pit with the help of Jesus. The point of this article is that Jesus is always patient. He knows the content of your heart and what all we’re dealing with. I know this year has affected all of us in negative ways. 2020 has definitely had a negative impact on me.

If you ever fall into this same situation spiritually, everybody does, I know how it is. It drains you mentally, and spiritually, you feel lost. Sometimes you don’t feel like doing much, like me with that shed. I am mentioning the shed a lot because that is when this started, shortly before June.

I know I didn’t mention any Bible verses in this passage or anything, but I wanted to let you know we both plan to get back into writing. I just needed to work on myself a little and now look forward to getting back into it soon. In the mean time, God Bless you all and hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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