Is the Plandemic Exposing Churches for failing their congregations ?

What is the role of the Church? What example is the Church supposed to be setting in trying times like these? The role of the Church is to preach God’s word and to be a rock, as well as a guide, to the community and congregation. The example a Church is supposed to set is the same in good times and bad. The Church is to live by God’s word and nurture a spirit of power in the congregation, not a spirit of fear.

Unfortunately many churches nowadays seem to be bending a knee to societal demands to keep the Sunday head count desirable. They’re also bending over backwards to be politically correct, showing just how politically neutered they really are due to their 501C-3 status. How can a church claim to be preaching God’s word while being accepting of immoral lifestyles? How can the preacher at one of these churches claim to be Pro-Choice and not Pro-life knowing where God stands on the issue?

It’s funny how issues and questions like this go unnoticed and unasked when times are good. It’s a shame they don’t come to light or get noticed until things go bad, like during this COVID-19 Plandemic. Why were Churches ordered to shut down? Why did they comply with the shutdown orders? Back where I grew up, you could go to Home Depot, Walmart, and the Strip Club, but you couldn’t go to Church. The hypocrisy is absolutely pathetic..

How is it you could get sick while worshipping and listening to God’s word, but would be safe looking for a faucet at Home Depot or watching Cinnamon and her pole act at a Gentleman’s Club? It’s definitely no coincidence that things went down like this. Why? Because America is in a battle of good vs evil, and the evil element wanted Churches locked down. Most Churches agreed out of fear of losing their 501C-3 status.

If you ask me, ALL Churches need to shed the yoke of government control that is the 501C-3 status and get back to what their true purpose is. The Church should never conform to the demands of man. Man needs to conform to the requirements and word of God. The Church should never hesitate or be afraid to call out the sins of immoral lifestyles or political actions. Jesus expects the Church and us to be bold, not meek and defeated.

Matthew 21:12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves.

We really are in the end times. We need to be strong in our faith, outspoken, and bold. It’s perhaps the most critical time in history for the Church to win as many souls for Christ as possible. It’s not the time to meekly give in to government demands to shut down and be quiet. Why? Because that’s exactly what Satan wants in this battle of Good vs Evil.


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